Introducing MVMT watches

Introducing MVMT watches

Let me start off by telling you that I like to think of myself as a watch connoisseur. I have owned at least 100 different brands in my lifetime from Alpina to Invicta. I do not have brand loyalty so I can appreciate the new kids on the block as well as the established brands that everybody loves. Last month I decided to purchase a watch from the MVMT brand since the internet and social media seems to be flooded with marketing for this brand that debuted a few years ago.

To sum things up as best as I can......I LOVE THIS WATCH! For a timepiece that has a starting price point of $95 this watch brand should not be overlooked. It is perfect for the minimalist guy that appreciates a good quality watch with a simple design.

So give it a try you may turn a few heads....We have this watch brand on sale this week below market price.


  • Frank Knox

    I saw this watch and it completely cought my attention, not just the black one but all of them! Super cool, classy and edgy. I’m definitely gonna continue buying more items from this site!

  • Matt Parker

    I wear the tan strap version to work everyday

  • Tamar Williams

    I bought this watch as a gift for my husband and he absolutely love it!! The shipping was fast and the quality was outstanding! I would definable purchase from Millennial Style Group!!!!

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